Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Speak the truth - even if your voice shakes."

I love this quote.  I stole it from Lisa Compton who provides a great example of how speaking the truth helps her advocate for and improve the lives of chained dogs all around the Richmond area through her organization Rescue of Chained k-9s (ROCK).

Speaking the truth when those around you don't want to hear it can be very challenging. Especially for those who don't seek to be confrontational but only to extend a compassionate hand to the desperate animals in need around us. It can take practice to learn to speak out about the truth when those around you wish to keep it silent.  It's an important practice to undertake.


  1. I hate confrontation. Most people do. It is scary to try to come up to a stranger about their chained dog. You know they could be confrontational. The couple times I've done it went well and fences were built. The people appreciated what was done for them and the animals. It was worth it. I hope I'll see organizations like Rock turn up in Louisa. Goodness knows we need it!

  2. Yes - it's amazing when you realize how many people actually welcome the offer of help for their animals. Making that kind of outreach creates a great opportunity for sharing information about animal care and spreading the idea to people that animals DO matter and that the community cares about them.