Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Learning to Think Outside the Shelter

Be honest.  How many times have you either silently or openly lashed out at pet owners who seem to thoughtlessly give up their pets to a pound?  Of course, it is the endless relinquishment of these pets to the pounds that results in the high euthanasia rates of shelters throughout the Central Virginia region.  Non-profit rescues are currently able to rescue only a fraction of the animals from our region's pounds.  You might think, if only we could stop people from giving up their pets. Well, if we put our collective minds, hearts, and resources to the task of helping people learn and be able to properly care for their pets, we just might be able to do so!

This blog post from the ASPCA is on target with the current goals and focus of the PAWS Safe, Responsible, Humane Communities Initiative in recognizing that we must find ways to help those who acquire animals but find themselves unable to manage them effectively.  Our tools are those of education - on every front possible, and providing access to the knowledge and resources that can help pet owners resolve problems and become effective guardians of their animals.

If you would like to join us as we work to create and offer avenues of support for community education and assistance for compassionate and responsible pet care, please contact us. Help us start the transformation of all our communities in Central Virginia into Safe, Responsible, Humane Communities.

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